You Choose We Play

You Choose We Play

Unforgettable female fronted covers


Rachel Redman performs a range of songs from 1950s to present day. Even though her voice is unique, she has been likened to artists such as Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Andrea Corr and KT Tunstall. Rachel can play both chill out background music, and more lively upbeat covers for parties and wedding receptions. Stunning vocals, vocal effects and a rustic country voice makes every performance unforgettable! Book Rachel now for your event.
The Haystacks Band are Rachel's Country-Pop Band and perform as an acoustic duo and 3-piece band (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals). Known as the ultimate 'little band with a big sound' they perform popular cover songs in an upbeat fun Country-Pop way!
'You Choose We Play' are Rachels newly formed 4-piece live requests band (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals) they cover a wide range of covers from 1950-present day.

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10,000 Hours

Dan and Shay



3 little birds

Bob Marley




Dolly Parton

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You Choose We Play
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